If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re interested in becoming part of the ever growing and booming industry that is beauty. It’s a tough cookie to crack in the beginning when you’re unsure on where to train or who to ask for help. I started my journey 15 years ago after enrolling into Chichester college to study a level 2&3 in beauty therapy, I loved everything about being in a salon environment and was so eager to qualify.


A lot has changed since then, treatments and procedures have developed hugely and loads of new treatments have been created, its such an exciting time in the industry. I’ve found over the years; salons & clinics are looking for staff who specialise in one area of beauty or aesthetics and have no problem employing you without holding NVQ qualifications providing your practical work really is outstanding.


My advice to any new aspiring therapist would be to enrol in work experience. Do your research and ask the salon that you’d love to work in one day if they wouldn’t mind you doing some hours in their clinic to gain some knowledge and of course have something to add to your CV. Ensure they do the treatments you’re interested in too, this will really help expand your knowledge. You never know this may lead to a job too, even if it is just a Saturday gig or on reception, you have your foot in the door and that’s the main thing. All salons like to recruit from inhouse where possible, it saves time and money and their clients will already be familiar with your face. I had a 16-year-old local student apply for work experience at my clinic a few years back which she completed weeks and weeks of before starting her level 2 NVQ training at our nearby college. Fast forward a few months and I found myself needing to recruit an apprentice, the first person who popped into my head was this student. She had contacted me in such a professional manner originally, was polite, always on time and dressed well. She applied for the position as did many others and was happy to have another interview which went extremely well. This student is now one of my main full-time therapists at my clinic and a trainer for my academy. She has been with my company for 5 years and counting.


My second piece of advice would be to choose a subject within beauty that takes your interest and run with it. The industry is so huge now its difficult to excel at everything. When I trained originally it was very old school and day courses didn’t exist. If you wanted to expand your portfolio of treatments, you had to go back to college. Now you have the luxury of enrolling into a private academy and sitting workshops and having 1:1 mentoring by your absolute favourite professional, all whilst doing something you love.


I founded Blush & Brow Academy a few years ago. I wanted to create a space for students to expand their knowledge and creativity in a positive and supportive environment. We offer full support in the academy and when you leave in the form of a student group. You will always be able to touch base with a trainer even years post qualifying with us. I feel it’s important to have someone to turn to for advice as the industry changes all the time and its difficult to keep up sometimes.


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