MICROBLADING vs Digital Machine



Let’s be honest here… the confusion amongst clients regarding what a microbladed brow is and what a digital machine brow is mainly determined by what they read on social media. There is a quick and easy way of explaining to your client the difference to make your consultations flow a little easier.

Microblading is performed using a hand-held tool that doesn’t require any electric to perform its task. After dipping the tip of the blade into a pot of pigment, a small line incision is created in the skin to replicate a natural hair stroke effect. This method is to create a natural effect however is not suitable for everyone, set skin types aren’t recommended such as oily/thick skin types.

Digital machine brows create effects such as the ombre or powder brow. Using electric as its source of power a needle is flowing in and out of its chamber gently puncturing the very top surface of the skin and inserting pigment as it goes. This method is less traumatic on the skin then microblading and you can create a more dense, fuller look.

BOTH methods are still classed as a tattoo, although a lot of companies advertise microblading as an alternative to tattooing which is indeed very confusing for the consumer, it is simply just a different method of inserting pigment into the skin.

Offering both methods as a brow artist is a great way of getting clients through your door and in for a consultation. I always recommend my students aim to qualify in both where possible. On many occasions I have consulted a client who is desperate for one method but after much discussion it turns out they really wanted the opposite but didn’t have the right information to make an informed choice before coming in.

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