Laura Voice


I’m Laura, passionate for all things beauty. I came into the industry when I was 30, after making a family I decided now was my time to build my career. Having already had experience in the hair and beauty industry I knew that is where I wanted to be and where I’d flourish most. I wanted to be the best I could be in one particular area and decided that nails would be perfect for me as there is always new skills to learn with a constantly evolving industry that I could really expand my creative side.

I am extremely passionate about my job and have spent may years building my skill set and I am now ready to pass on these pearls of wisdom, passion and knowledge to the next generation of nail technicians. This exciting fast moving industry is never boring with new tricks and techniques developing all the time, now is a perfect time come into the beauty industry. I look forward to meeting you all and help guide you into the nail world.

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